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Still August 7, 2012 Tuesday


Later, Lynn and I were in my bedroom looking at some things online. My legs had gotten better strength as the day went on. Thank God! Any cramps I had…they were very mild. My flow wasn’t heavy either. It seems this month my period was a calm one except for the first two days.

We peeked at my twitter profile while we were online at the desktop  computer in my room.

“Hey, can you tweet someone through this computer without Mark being notified?” Lynn asked me.

“I don’t know? I know he has my iPhone on alert with his iPhone.” 

“You ought to try it.”

“I am not tweeting you know who though,” I told her.

Lynn laughed, “You really have been turned off from him?” 

“Yes, he has spooked me by his actions the other night. I really don’t want to be around that kind of obsession. That is just too scary.”

“I know. It was,” Lynn replied.

I happened to check my mentions. There has been a few people tweeting to me. I didn’t know who they were. One had tweeted: 

@katyFTPfan Are you a huge fan of FTP?

I looked at Lynn and we both laughed. “If they only knew,” I said.

“Tweet that person something,” Lynn said.

“Okay,” I said, typing something in the tweet box.

I tweeted:  Why not! : )

@KatyFTPfan Have you ever met them?? I have! :)

Lynn and I bust out laughing.

I try to think what I could tweet back.

I tweeted: oh yeah. 

@KatyFTPfan When and where?

“Oh shit,” Lynn said.

I laughed.

I tweeted: the year 1999——jk! I have met them many times.

Lynn and I were laughing so hard we almost lost our breathe.

“Mark is going to kill you,” Lynn laughed.

@KatyFTPfan 1999? haha…..that’s cool that you have met them many times…where?

I tweeted: All year. I have been to about every freaking concert.

Lynn was turning red from laughing so hard.

@KatyFTPfan Get out of here. You are just pulling my leg. When did you see them really?

I tweeted: I am not pulling your leg. It’s true.

@KatyFTPfan I don’t believe you.

I tweeted: That’s okay. I don’t care if you don’t believe me.

Lynn was still red from laughing.

Out of the blue between me and this Katy girl tweeting back and forth, Mark tweeted me.

@fosterthepeople Be nice!

“Oh no, look,” Lynn said.

I tweeted Mark back: I am being nice

Katy was quiet a moment.  I know the girl was wondering about this ordeal.

@fosterthepeople no, you are not

I tweeted Mark: I told her the truth. :P

@KatyFTPfan HOLY SHIT!!! Mark tweeted you!!!! 

I tweeted to Katy: Yeah, I know. duh

Lynn bust out laughing again.

@KatyFTPfan are you being mean to me?

I tweeted to Katy: No, I am not.

@KatyFTPfan You sound like it.

I tweeted Katy: How can you hear me?

@KatyFTPfan I see Mark follows you, I hope he unfollows you.

I tweeted Katy: I don’t think that will be happening.

@fosterthepeople Second time, be nice

I tweeted to Mark: Okay!!!!!!

@KatyFTPfan          why wouldn’t he unfollow you?

I tweeted to Katy:  Because I know he won’t.     

@KatyFTPfan          Well, he is still there. Unbelievable! 

It was quiet for a few minutes.

@KatyFTPfan     How old are you?

I tweeted to Katy:   I can’t reveal that.

@KatyFTPfan     I’m 14. Are you close to that age?

I tweeted to Katy:   Maybe

@KatyFTPfan     Can you tell where you are at? States etc.

I tweeted to Katy:   Ohio

@KatyFTPfan:     That’s where Mark grew up at…in OHIO! Cool!

                                 I am in Georgia

Lynn looked over at me, “Do you think Mark wants you telling that?” she asked me.

“We will see,” I laughed.

“Do you think he is still watching you two tweets each other?”

“Probably. I know he is,” I replied.

@KatyFTPfan:     Are you on facebook? or Tumblr?

I tweeted Katy:      No to either one.

@KatyFTPfan:     Why? You need to get on Tumblr at least!!

I tweeted Katy:     I’ll think about it.

@KatyFTPfan:     Why don’t you have a facebook? Will your parents 

      let you have one?

I tweeted Katy:       I think I could have one, but I could only have 

      family on it and close friends.

@KatyFTPfan:       Could you make one without them knowing about it?

I looked at Lynn, “Oh my god, she didn’t.”

Lynn laughed, “How are you going to answer that one?” 

I tweeted Katy:       I doubt it.

Lynn bust out laughing. I giggled.

Then bang, out of the blue, ISOM of all people jumps in tweeting me.

ISOM:  Hey!!!!!! First time I have seen you tweeting with a FTP fan!!! YAY!!!!

“Oh great,” I said when I saw Isom’s tweet to me. I know Katy saw it and of course Mark.

I quickly tweeted Isom: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

ISOM: Why???????????????

I tweeted ISOM: You are going to get me in trouble.

ISOM: How?

Katy had been quiet. I know she was seeing all of this.

I tweeted to ISOM: Someone is watching

ISOM: Oh okay! :)

@KatyFTPfan: Isom follows you too???? OMG! Who are you?

I didn’t respond to Katy’s tweet.

@KatyFTPfan: Why would @isominnis get you in trouble? Who is watching?

I tweeted to Katy: I can’t say.

@KatyFTPfan: I just looked at your followers. Everyone of the FTP members follow you!!!!!!! OMG! How????? Even Andy Barron!!!!

Lynn bust out laughing. “She is curious now.”

I tweeted to Katy: I can’t say.

@KatyFTPfan: You keep saying that.

I tweeted to Katy: Sorry, but that’s how it is.

ISOM: At least you will be able to go to school this fall.

I tweeted to Isom: No, I won’t

ISOM: WHat?! Why?

Mark tweeted me and Isom both:  

@fosterthepeople C, you need to freeze it.

I tweeted Mark: Freeze what?

@fosterthepeople  You know what.

I tweeted Mark and Isom both:  I am getting off, BYE!!!!!!!!!!

@KatyFTPfan:  NO, don’t go!!!!!!

I didn’t tweet anymore. Lynn and I just watched what was said from this point on. They were getting on my nerves now.

ISOM: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you go.

I tweeted to Isom: it’s not you

I saw I had a dm. “I wonder who that is?” I asked Lynn.

I was almost nervous to open it. I opened it and it was Isom.

ISOM: I’m sorry. What happened to where you won’t be going to school this fall in Ohio? I saw what Mark said. 

My dm to ISOM: Dylan showed up here the other night…climbed up to my bedroom window. Mark saw him and went after him. The whole thing has gotten out of hand, and so, he is not going to let me stay here in Ohio bc of Dylan. I don’t want to stay here either now bc I am not sure what Dylan is really capable of. He scares me. Sophia suppose to come tomorrow and we will be leaving on a plane to go join Mark in India.

ISOM dm: Oh my, a lot has happened then. I’m sorry, sweetie.

My dm to ISOM: It’s okay. I’ll be okay.

ISOM dm: Are you going to be homeschooled again?

My dm to ISOM: Yes. I guess.

While we were sitting there watching Isom dm me and the other tweets that Katy were sending, Nana Lisa entered my room. She had my iPhone with her. I looked at her, then I looked down at my iPhone in her hands.

“Your iPhone has been buzzing like crazy. I brought it up to you,” she said handing it to me.

I took it with hesitation. Nana Lisa looked at my computer screen, “What are you girls doing?”

“Dm-ing Isom,” I said.

“How is he doing?”

“Fine,” I said.

“Tell him I said hello,” she said turing around to go back out my room.

Lynn and I watched her walk out. We both looked at each other, “Do you think it’s Isom dm-ing you making your phone buzz?” Lynn asked me.

“I wouldn’t think so because I am talking to him through the computer instead of my phone,” I told her.

I looked down at my iphone and made it light up to see what was going on.

I had received 6 text from Mark and a attempt to facetime from Mark.

“Oh shit,” I said.

“What?” Lynn asked.

“Mark has sent 6 text and a facetime request,” I told her. “I am not facetime-ing with him, no way!”

“What does the text say?” Lynn asked.

“I don’t know? I am scared to open them,” I replied.

I took my time to press the text lineup. The first one said:

1st MARK: Be nice to that girl.

2nd MARK: I told you to be nice to that girl.

3rd MARK: Why don’t you have your iPhone with you????

I noticed that he had sent the first two text before he said something to me through a tweet. That’s why he did it.

4th MARK: You better not ever tell anyone how old you are on twitter…..or any online sites!

5th MARK: Don’t tell why you won’t be going to school in Ohio!

6th MARK: YOu need to call me!!!!!!!

I saw that Isom dm me again:

ISOM: Where did you go?

ME: I was reading text from Mark on my phone. I need to contact him. He is probably pissed off at me.

ISOM: Couldn’t be too bad….maybe. :)

I text Mark:  I didn’t have my iPhone with me in my room. It was down in the kitchen. Nana Lisa just brought it to me. I won’t going to tell why I won’t going to school here this fall. I told Isom through dms though. I wouldn’t tell anyone online how old I am. I was nice to that girl. Just was playing at the beginning. She is curious though now why all of you follow me. I can’t tell her that and I didn’t.

I sent off that long text to him. After a few minutes, he text back.

MARK: Call me!

ME: Why?

After a minute, my iPhone started ringing. A call was coming in from Mark.

“Oh shit,” I said.

“Are you going to answer it?” Lynn asked me because I won’t pressing the answer button.

The iphone had stopped ringing. I then looked up at my twitter feeds where Lynn hit to new tweets button.

Mark had tweeted me just a few seconds

@fosterthepeople you remember the 3 months?

Lynn looked at me, “3 months? Is he talking about when he grounded you?”

“Yes,” I said. 

I felt my stomach drop. I was now getting upset. I pressed the call back button to call him.

It rung a few things before he answered, “I knew that would get your attention,” he said.

“Don’t ground me,” I said in a worried voice.

“Then you need to do as I ask you when I tell you to call me,” he said.

“I’m sorry,” I said almost in tears.

“Are you feeling better?”

“Yes,” I said.

“That’s good. Can you walk without weakness in your legs?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Good. Sophia will be at the house in the morning around 8am. You be ready for her.”

“Okay,” I said.

“Please be nice to Sophia and don’t give her any trouble.”

“I won’t give her any trouble. I will be nice to her,” I told him.

“If you tweet anymore to any fans, please be nice and be careful. Promise me that,” he said.

“Okay. I promise. I won’t say anything I should keep private.”

“I don’t mind you tweeting to fans, but just be careful.”

“Okay, I will,” I told him.

“And stop snapping at David, you turtle. I love you, and I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said.

“I love you too, bye,” I said.

We ended the call. After I put my iPhone down, I started crying a little.

“What’s wrong?” Lynn asked me.

“I just got scared he was going to fuss me out and ground me,” I cried.

“Oh, he didn’t, did he?” Lynn asked me, putting her hand on my arm.

“No, he just told me to be careful online,” I told her.

When I had calmed down, I started looking at the tweets. It started bothering me——that tweet Mark did about the 3 months. I tweeted him:

My tweet to Mark: Please delete that

In about 2 minutes, MARK tweeted: Ok, it’s gone.

I refreshed the site and it was gone from his tweets. So were the other ones he tweeted me earlier.

I tweeted to Mark: thank you

I saw that a few people had tweeted me. I didn’t answer anyone. I did see that Katy had tweeted: what does he mean by 3 months?

I didn’t answer her. I just wanted to forget about those 3 months and what caused it. I shut down my computer and told Lynn, “Let’s go downstairs.”

“Okay, let’s go find something else to do,” Lynn said.

I was still kind of upset. I still wanted to cry, but I held it back and tried to forget it.

When we reached downstairs, I was in a mood that Lisa noticed as soon as we walked into the den. She was sitting on the couch.

“What’s wrong?” she asked. “I know there is something.”

We walked on into the den over to where Lisa was on the couch. I hadn’t answered her yet. I sat down next to her and laid my head on her arm. She raised her arm causing my head to fall onto the side of her boob. She wrapped her arm around me. I had my iPhone in my hands because of Mark telling me to keep it with me.

“What’s wrong, sug?” she asked me softly.

I turned a little toward her burying my face in her side. I started to cry.

“Baby, what’s wrong,” she asked, trying to pry me a little from burying my face in her side. I wouldn’t let her……..instead I slid closer to her, throwing my left leg over her legs and straddling her lap, getting on her, slipping my hands under her arms to her back and hugging onto her in a tight grip, burying my face in her chest and crying lightly.

“Christy, baby, you need to tell me what has gotten you upset,” Lisa said patting my back.

Lynn whispered to Lisa, “I think Mark hurt her feelings.”

“Did Mark hurt your feelings?” Lisa asked me.

I didn’t answer, but cried lightly in her chest.

“You can be so tough, but then have the most sensitive heart. Baby, what hurt your feelings?” Lisa kept trying.

I wouldn’t give her an answer.

“Do I need to call Mark and ask him?” Lisa asked.

I shook my head on her chest and mumbled, “No.” 

Lynn spoke up and told Lisa what happened with the tweeting Katy and then what Mark tweeted including Isom’s conversation. Then Mark’s text to me and then him threatening me with 3 months through a tweet because I wouldn’t answer my phone when he called. Lynn continued to tell her that Mark’s call was nice though and what he said, but just seeing those tweets of the 3 months on twitter for everyone to see embarrassed me and hurt my feelings and that’s what is bothering me.

“He deleted them though because she tweeted him to please delete that. I don’t think he may know it hurt her feelings. That was after they ended the call,” Lynn finished.

“So, he don’t know your feelings were hurt about those tweets?” Lisa asked.

“I don’t think so,” Lynn said.

“Christy, sug, those people that saw those tweets, don’t know what he was really talking about. Those people don’t know who you are, so please don’t let it upset you and hurt your feelings like that……do you hear me?” she said close to my ear.

“I don’t want to ever tweet again,” I cried in Lisa’s chest.

Lisa laughed, “Honey, you can tweet. Just don’t let that situation upset you like this. You can tweet to your friends and others if you want to. Ignore Mark if he says something to you through there. Maybe it was because you were being a little rough at first tweeting to this fangirl that made him alert. Please don’t let this upset you, sweetie.”

I just cried a little harder in her chest.

“Come on, cheer up,” Lisa said, beginning to rub my back.

I wouldn’t say anything……I continued to keep my face buried in her chest, bringing my cry to light sobs.

Lisa reached over and picked up my iPhone off the couch seat beside us that had fallen onto it when I had moved over onto her lap. She maneuvered it with her hands behind my back. I won’t sure what she was doing.

She was calling Mark. She had placed it up to her ear. I still didn’t know what she was doing until she spoke to Mark.

I all of a sudden cut off my crying so he wouldn’t hear me. I kept my face in Nana Lisa’s chest. Lisa went on telling Mark that I had gotten upset over his tweets and had gotten embarrassed about people seeing them on twitter.

Mark: “I deleted those tweets. No one didn’t really know what they were about,” he explained to Lisa.

Lisa: “I told her that. She is still upset and don’t ever want to tweet again.”

Mark: “Let me talk to her.”

Lisa tried to pry me a little from her chest, “Christy, Mark wants to talk to you.” 

She was trying to hold my iPhone to my ear. I let her just lay it up against my ear.

Lisa spoke up for Mark to know, “The phone’s at her ear.”

Mark: “Look, sweetie, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings over those tweets. They are deleted. No one knows what they really meant.”

“But I did,” I said in a low voice, halfway in tears.

Mark: “I am sorry, but you were not answering your iPhone when I text you, and you were not answering it when I called. That’s the only reason I tweeted you. From now on, keep your iPhone with you and answer my text and calls. Now, please don’t be upset over this incident. And please don’t let it keep you from tweeting. You can tweet friends and others, just be careful what you say and don’t be unkind. ”

“Are you mad at me,” I cried.

Mark: “No, I am not mad at you. Why do you think I am mad at you?”

“Your voice sounds like it,” I whispered a little.

Mark: “I am just trying to get you to understand why I tweeted you those tweets and that no one knew what they meant except you…….for you to understand I don’t care if you tweet people…..just be careful, baby. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“Yes,” I lightly said.

Mark: “Please don’t be upset anymore…please cheer up and have a better day  since you will be leaving tomorrow. Okay?”

“Okay,” I said, low.

Mark: “Please cheer up.”

“Okay, I will,” I said a little more cheerier, but I was still feeling upset some.

Mark: “I love you and please have a better time the rest of the day. I will call you back in a few hours. I hope you are in a better mood. Okay, sweetie?”

“Okay,” I said.

Mark: “Okay, I’ll call you back in a few hours. Bye.”

“Bye,” I said.

Lisa removed the iPhone from my ear and put it to her, “Mark, you still there?”

Mark was still on the phone, and they talked just a few minutes. I just laid my head there on Nana Lisa’s chest and rest my eyes. I won’t crying anymore.

To be continued—————posted 12/30/12

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