Christy's Future!


Lynn’s thoughts……………….

around 11:30am——August 6, 2012-Monday

Christy and I slept all morning. I woke up in the brightness of the morning.  Christy was asleep next to me. She was still curled up in a ball facing my way. She looked as if she was really sleeping good. I looked over to the side table at the clock. It was 11:30am. I sat up so I could get a better look at the time. I couldn’t believe it was 11:30am. 

No one had come in and bothered us. I don’t remember anyone coming in. 

I glanced over at the intercom. The red light was still on. I then knew then I better be quiet.

In just a moment, Christy started to stir some. I watched her. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at me. I smiled and waved at her. She stared at me funny. I stuck my finger up to my lips and did a ‘shhhhh’ gesture.

“Why?” she whispered.

I pointed over toward the intercom. She slowly looked back behind her and saw the intercom. I know she must had seen the red light. She turned and looked back at me.

“I think we have been monitored all night,” I whispered to her.

She just smiled at me still looking as if she was sleepy.

“Are you hurting this morning?” I whispered to her.

She was quiet as if she was thinking about it. She then said, “I haven’t moved yet. Usually if I am still, I don’t hurt.” She had spoke out normal, but in a sleepy voice.

I smiled, “Don’t move.”

She smiled back at me.

“But don’t you need to take another pill this morning?” I whispered to her.

She thought a moment before speaking, “Usually I do.”

“Did you know it’s 11:30am?” I asked her.

She looked over me at the clock, “Gosh,” she said.

“You moved some, did it bother anything?” I whispered.

“Not yet,” she replied.

“That’s good,” I whispered.

I happened to see that red light go off. I wondered who cut it off and if anyone was coming in there.

“That light just went off,” I finally said out loud in my normal voice.

Christy looked back some, “Whoever was listening must had heard us talking.”

I slowly looked out the corner of my eye at the door. Someone was coming in it really slow. Then I just turned my head all the way and looked. It was Mark. He had on jeans and a t-shirt.

Christy saw that I had focused on the door way. She didn’t even look over at the door. She kept looking toward me.

I think she knew he was coming in there. He had slowly walked over on the side of the bed where Christy was. Her back was facing that way. 

Mark didn’t say anything. He just got on the bed behind Christy. He smiled over at me. Christy just stared at me. I know she felt him climb on the bed and laid down behind her. He leaned over and stuck his nose in Christy’s hair. He wrapped his arm around her over the covers. Christy kept looking at me like she was wondering what he was doing.

He then spoke in her hair, “Are you feeling better this morning?”

She shook her head yes in response to his question.

He moved his nose out of her hair and laid his head next to hers, “Can you talk this morning?” he asked her.

She didn’t say anything. She kept looking at me. 

“Are you going to talk to me before I leave?” he asked her.

Christy still didn’t answer.

“So, you are going to continue to give me the silent treatment. Then, I will just talk because I know you are listening………………..when Sophia gets here Wednesday, you need to do as she tells you without an attitude. If I hear you cross that line, I will take care of it when you arrive in India. For the next day that you are here, you are to follow Dad and Lisa’s orders……no communicating with Dylan no matter what…..if he tries to come back to this house, you better not talk to him in anyway. Let Dad and Lisa handle him. I don’t want to hear you tried to sneak around to talk to him or you will have to answer to me. I will not be easy on you the next time. Have I made myself clear?”

Christy was just looking at me not making any facial expression at all. She didn’t answer Mark either.

“Answer me,” Mark said to her in a tone that she better answer him.

“Yes,” she uttered real low.

“That was weak, but I will accept it……now, are you going to turn around and give me a goodbye hug?” he asked her.

She stayed still for a moment just staring at me. I think I saw tears building up in her eyes. She then slowly stretched her legs down the length of the bed under the cover and turned toward Mark. She reached her arms up and around him and embrace him in a long, tight hug. Mark wrapped her in his arms embracing her in the hug. 

“I’ll miss you for the next two days……” he started saying.

Christy started to cry lightly in his chest.

“Shhhhhh…..I don’t want to be hard on you, but I love you too much to not be. I want you to be safe and not get into something that will messed your life up. Please don’t cry……shhhhhh,” he tried soothing her. 

She stayed there in Mark’s embrace. She slacked off her crying and just stayed there in his arms. Mark gave her a kiss on the side of her face that was exposed. “I love you,” he told her.

“I love…you….too,” she said in his chest. It was muffled.

“Okay, are you two girls coming downstairs to see me out the door?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said with a smile.

“Yes,” Christy said in Mark’s chest.

“Okay…..good, let’s get on up and go down stairs then…………..Can you walk?” he asked Christy.

He and Christy untangled from each other’s embraced hug. 

“I don’t know?” Christy said as she sat up in the bed, wiping her tears off her cheeks.

Mark reached over at the foot of the bed and grab a pair of Christy’s flannel pj shorts. “Here, put these on so you won’t flash anyone downstairs,” he told her with a smile on his face.

Christy took the pj shorts. Mark got up from the bed and walked over to the doorway. “I’ll be out here in the hall waiting for you girls,” he told us.

I got up and made my way over to the side of the bed where Christy was, “Do you need any help?” I asked her.

Christy moved her legs off the edge of the bed and slowly slipped the pj shorts on her legs. She slowly slipped off the bed placing her feet on the floor. She stood there a moment as if she was testing her strength in her legs. I was watching her closely, “Do you need my help?”

“I don’t know?” she said as she slowly pulled her pj shorts on up over her butt. She took her time as she stood there another moment.

After what seem to be a long time, she took a small step. I was next to her in case she needed me. She staggered a little. I grabbed hold of her elbow. She tried taking another step. Her legs were weak by the way she was walking very slowly. I held onto her elbow as we tried making it over to the door. Apparently we were taking a long time because Mark pushed the door open some and peeked in at us. We had just made it to the door. He looked at Christy, “Can you walk?” he asked her.

“I hate this stuff,” she said with a little irritation in her tone.

Mark just reached down under her armpits and lifted her up to him. She slowly wrapped her legs around his waist….locking her feet behind him and wrapping her arms around his neck, burying her face in his shoulder. She didn’t start crying, she was just quiet as he toted her on down the hall, down the stairs to the den where Dan, Lisa and the boys were waiting.

They looked at Mark and Christy, “Is she okay?” Lisa asked.

“Her legs are weak,” Mark answered.

They exchanged a few words as Mark was getting ready to depart out the door. He still had Christy in his arms. He knew she won’t going to let go for a while. He just knew her……….that she was really clinging onto him…..she really deep down didn’t want him to leave.

Christy was clinging onto Mark tight. He knew he might have a hard time getting her to turn a loose of him.

“Christy, I need to go now. You want me to lay you down in Lisa’s bed or do you want to lay on the couch?” Mark asked her.

Christy didn’t answer……she just clung on tighter to Mark.

He walked with her over to the couch. He leaned down with her to lay her down. She tried to hang onto him. She didn’t say anything or even cried.

“Look Sweetie, I will see you Wednesday when you come with Sophia. It’s only two days away,” he told her quietly in her ear as he leaned down with her still clinging onto him.

She still didn’t answer or let him go.

“Christy, baby, I got to go, please let me go,” Mark pleaded with her.

She finally sobbed out, “I don’t want you to go,” she started to cry some.

“I got to go, baby. I have a plane to catch in 45 minutes. You will be okay. I will see you Wednesday,” he told her, trying to break out of her grip.

She cried. Mark broke off from her. He leaned down and kissed her on the cheek, “I love you. You will be okay, shhhhh………dry up those tears,” Mark was saying to her.

I started feeling bad for her. I wanted to cry myself.

Mark hated to walk away from her……….crying and being so upset that he was leaving, but he had to go. He walked off from her. He gave his dad and Lisa a hug goodbye.

“Take care of yourself, son. Everything will be taken care of here,” Dan told him.

Mark picked up his backpack and hoist it up on his back. 

Lisa walked over to the couch where Christy was lying there covering her face with her hands, crying. Lisa sit down on the edge of the couch there next to her and reached down, wrapping her arms around Christy, “It’s okay, sweetie, shhhhhhhhh,” she tried comforting her.

Christy raised up in a sitting position on the couch and embrace Lisa in a tight hug, burying her face in her chest.

Mark told the boys bye and said one more goodbye to them all, then he walked out the door.

Lisa held onto Christy for a while. Christy had stopped crying and was just holding on to Lisa. After a few minutes, Lisa looked over at me and asked for me to go get her medicine and a glass of water.

“Yes ma’am,” I said. I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and her medicine. I carried it back in the den over to Lisa.

Lisa took the glass of water, and tried pulling away from Christy’s embrace, “Christy, sweetie, you need to take your medicine. You are late on taking it this morning. Here,” she said to Christy.

Christy pulled back and just sat there looking at the glass of water. She slowly took it out of Lisa’s hand and then took the two pills in her other hand. She slowly put the pills in her month and took a few swallows of water to wash them down. She held the glass for a moment. Lisa watched her, “You need to drink the rest of that water.”

Christy slowly drunk the rest of the water. Then she handed the glass back to Lisa. Christy looked so sad. Her face was red and her eyes swollen from where she had been crying. 

“Lay down and just relax,” Lisa told her. 

Christy slowly laid back on the couch and slowly turned on her side facing the back of the couch where no one could see her face. She curled up in a ball and was quiet. No one bothered her. The boys didn’t even ask any questions. They knew she was upset about Mark leaving and her not feeling good.

Lisa got up from the couch when she thought Christy was okay after she laid down. She reached over and got the light throw blanket and spread it over Christy.

Christy was quiet as she laid there on the couch. It wasn’t long she had fallen to sleep.

Mark had called 20 minutes later to check on her. Lisa told him she was fine…..that she had taken her medicine and had gone back to sleep.

Mark was relieved. He hated to leave her all upset like she was, but he knew she would be okay after awhile. She had always been that way since she was a tiny one. 

Christy slept for a long time…..way into the afternoon near 3 pm. She stirred some and turned over on her other side facing the room. Lisa and I were sitting on the floor nearby her…..watching television.

Christy opened her eyes and saw us in there sitting on the floor. Lisa had looked over at her, “Are you okay, sweetie?” she asked her.

She just stared at Lisa not answering.

Lisa smiled at her.

In a few moments, Lisa and I saw her starting to breakdown again. Her bottom lip started to shake, and she started to cry. Lisa jumped up and went over to her, “Sweetie, what is wrong? Are you hurting?” she tried soothing her sitting on the edge of the couch again, rubbing her on the arm.

Christy raised up and hugged onto Lisa, crying on her shoulder, “I didn’t want him to go………….I don’t want to leave here Wednesday either…….I want to stay with you…………..and then I want to be with Mark,” she cried. Lisa hugged onto her, rubbing her on the back, “I know, sweetie. It’s hard for you, I know. You want to be here with us and too, you want to be with Mark. I know. It will be okay. You will be okay. There are always phones we can talk to each other and facetime, skype each other. We will be able to see each other, baby. Please don’t be upset.”

Christy tried to calm down…..she wiped her eyes as she laid her head on Lisa’s shoulder. Soon, she had quieten down.

I had tears in my eyes after witnessing that.

“Do you want something to eat?” Lisa asked her.

Christy shook her head yes.

“What would you like?”

“Waffles,” Christy said.

Lisa laughed, “Waffles, okay, waffles it is.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said and laughed.

“Let’s go make some waffles then. Can you walk to the kitchen?” Lisa asked.

“I can try,” Christy said.

Lisa and I helped Christy up from the couch. She seem to be a little better standing on her feet than she was earlier.

We helped her walk to the kitchen. She sat down in a chair at the table. She looked so wore out and tired. 

“Are you drowsy from the medicine?” I asked her.

“Yes. That medicine makes me feel like shit,” she answered.

Lisa turned and looked at her, “Christy?! You don’t need to say that word.”

“Well, it does,” Christy said.

I laughed, “It’s okay. I know it must make you feel terrible.”

“Would you go to a gynecologist to see if she could put you on something that would work better and not make you feel like that?” Lisa asked her.

Christy looked at Lisa quickly and said in a panic, “No, no!”

“Why not? There isn’t anything to be scared of. One of those doctors wouldn’t hurt you. I promise they would be very gentle and easy with you,” Lisa said. 

“No, I don’t want to go to one of them,” Christy said.

“Okay, we won’t talk about it now,” Lisa said.

“I don’t want to talk about it later, either,” Christy said.

I laughed.

“Okay, not later either, “Lisa said.

“Good,” Christy said with relief.

“Have you started bleeding yet?” Lisa asked her.

Christy looked around to see if anyone else besides us were in the kitchen. Just us girls.

“Yes,” she answered.

“When did that show up?” Lisa asked.

“This morning.”

“Were you able to walk to the bathroom?”

“I held onto furniture until I made it to the bathroom.”

“What time was it?”

“Early, like 6 am.”

“And you didn’t wake anyone for help?”

“No. I was quiet and slow.”

“Is your flow heavy?”

“It’s not heavy.”

“Does it ever get heavy?”

“Sometimes,” Christy said, looking at Lisa with wonder why she was asking her these questions.

“Would you tell me if it gets heavy?”

“Yes,” she told Lisa, looking over at me with a funny expression on her face.

Christy’s thoughts~~~~~~

David came in there with my iPhone in his hand. “Here Christy, your iPhone keeps buzzing.”

I took my iPhone from David, “Thanks.”

He ran out of the kitchen.

I looked over at Lynn. Lynn was looking back at me in wonder.

I really didn’t want to look and see who has messaged me with Lisa nearby. She looked at me when David handed me the iPhone.

As Lynn and I started eating our waffles, I happened to look at my iPhone. I had gotten a tweet from someone. I looked to see who it was. It was a tweet from someone named @JUSTME . It read: 

@JUSTME you blocked me….why? I thought we could be friends on twitter.

I knew then it was Dylan. Oh my god, I know Mark checks out who tweets me and everything. It had been about an hour since he tweeted it. I wonder when did David hear my iPhone buzzing. I wondered if Mark was still on a plane. He probably was. I wondered if I was safe to tweet since he didn’t have access to twitter on a plane at the moment.

CHRISTY’S TWEET: I had no choice. I can’t communicate with you anymore. I’m sorry.

Lynn was watching what I was doing. She put her hand over her mouth. We made sure Lisa wouldn’t noticed what we were doing.

DYLAN’S TWEET: Are you going to India?


DYLAN’s TWEET: Because of me? I’m sorry

I kind of started feeling bad by seeing him tell me he was sorry. I looked over at Lynn. 

“Don’t let him upset you,” Lynn whispered to me.

About that moment, I got a text. I looked down at my iPhone to see who it was. Oh shit, it was Mark.

I was scared to open it. I slowly moved my thumb over the button to open the text.

MARK’s TEXT: Stop communicating with him!! 

I typed in a text to Mark.

CHRISTY’S TEXT: I’m sorry. I was just telling him I couldn’t communicate with him anymore. 

MARK’s TEXT: Delete those tweets you sent to him. You don’t need to be talking to him. Ignore him.

CHRISTY’S TEXT: I will. I’m sorry. I won’t talk to him again.

I deleted the tweets I sent to Dylan. He still kept tweeting me asking me questions. I didn’t tweet him back. 

I text Mark again because I was feeling bad that I tweeted Dylan back. I did want to let it go. Get Dylan out of my life. 

CHRISTY’S TEXT: I am sorry…..I deleted his tweets. I am sorry.

Lynn was watching me. I had a few tears in my eyes.

MARK’s TEXT: Okay…..just don’t do it again. Are you feeling better?

CHRISTY’sTEXT: I was until now.

MARK’s TEXT: Don’t be upset. Cheer up. Put your iPhone away for awhile and rest your body today. I’ll keep in contact with Dad about you. I’ll see you Wednesday. Love you <3

CHRISTY’S TEXT: you too <3

I placed my iPhone down on the table and pushed it to the middle of the table.

Lisa looked at me, “What’s going on?”

I know she could tell by the tears that were in my eyes that something was going on. Lynn went ahead and told her because I would start crying if I told it. 

“He told you right. Let your iPhone rest today and you get some rest. Don’t think about that guy. He isn’t anything to get upset over,” Lisa said.

“I want to forget him,” I said.

I really did. I have had it with his obsessive behavior. I couldn’t believe what he is capable of. It was kind of making me feel funny and a little scared.

“Then just leave your iPhone alone for today. You won’t see anything he is tweeting to you even when he is using another account,” Lisa said.

“I think he is just trying to make you feel guilty,” Lynn said.

“That’s it,” Lisa agreed. “Don’t let him.”


After Lynn and I had finished our waffles, Lynn had put our plates away in the dishwasher for Lisa.

“Thank you, hun,” Lisa told her.

Lynn walked back over to the table where I was. I dreaded to get up….knowing I would have a hard time walking. Lynn stood there by my side looking at me with a smile on her face.

“Do you need my assistance?” she asked me.

I laughed, “Probably,” I said trying to get up on my own.

Lisa watched us to make sure if I was okay getting up from the table.

I made it to my feet and stood there a moment. Lisa and Lynn watched me like I was going to explode or something. 

“I want to go out on the patio,” I said to Lynn. 

“That’s fine,” Lynn said.

“Don’t you need to lie down and rest since you have taken those pills?” Lisa asked me.

“I plan to rest out there on the swing,” I told her.

“Okay,” Lisa replied.

I left my iPhone there on the kitchen table. I didn’t even want to look at it. I really didn’t care. 

Lynn held onto my elbow as we slowly made our way to the kitchen door out to the patio in back.

Lynn helped me over to the swing, and I took hold of it to hold on as I climb up on it. Lynn stepped over to the chair next to it. She was going to let me have the whole swing. I tucked my legs up under me and laid back some on the swing. There were cushions on the swing, so it was comfortable. I didn’t swing though, I just stayed still on it and relaxed.

I still had on my white nightshirt and those flannel pj shorts.

Lynn and I just talked. I know I was looking like zombie. I felt drowsy, but I fought it off trying to stay awake. I didn’t want to go to sleep. I wanted to visit with Lynn as much as I could before Wednesday got here.

I hated it that I couldn’t be active. This sucks! 

Scott had showed up in the backyard and spotted us on the patio. He came up there where we were and slowly sit down on the swing next to me. He was watching me with a concern look on his face.

“What is it?” I asked him.

“Are you really going to be leaving Wednesday?” he asked.


“What happened?” Scott asked.

“What do you know?” I asked him.

“Just that some guy was harassing you here. I thought you were going to stay and go to school here.”

“I was…….but that guy changed things for me. I don’t want to leave, but I think I better because he isn’t going to stop coming around here,” I told Scott.

“Who is he? I will beat his ass,” he said trying to act tough.

“You can’t beat his ass. He is a whole lot stronger than you. You don’t need to be saying anything to him if he tries coming around here again,” I told him.

“Why not?”

“Just don’t… may cause more trouble.”

Scott looked at Lynn, “Have you seen him?” he asked her.

“Yeah,” Lynn answered.

“Is he tall?”

“Yeah, I think….I only saw him bent over.”


“Don’t worry about it, Scott. Just drop it,” I said, not wanting him to know he had climbed up to my bedroom window.

Lynn picked up my cue not to say anything else about Dylan.

“Are you scared of that guy?” Scott asked me.

“I am a little,” I answered.

“Won’t Mark beat his ass?”

“I think he wants to, but since he is under the age of 18, he won’t,” I replied…..not sure if I should had told him that.

Scott didn’t say anything else but just stared at me.

“What is it?” I asked him.

“You looked like you are about to fall over…….you look like someone drunk,” he smiled a little.

I laughed, “It’s just that medicine making me feel and look this way.”

“Why don’t you lay down?” he asked me.

“I don’t want to,” I replied.

“If Mark was still here would you be out here on the patio?” he asked me.

“I don’t know?” I answered, getting a little annoyed with him for asking these questions.

“He probably would make you lay down in bed,” he said trying to sound bossy.

“He probably would, but he isn’t here. Just go on and let us be,” I said back at him.

He got up from the swing and walked off not saying another word. I rolled my eyes. Lynn laughed.

“You do look like you are drunk,” Lynn whispered.

I smiled, “I do feel groggy.”

“Do you need to go in and lay down?” Lynn asked me.

“Now you sound like Scott,” I told her.

“Sorry,” she laughed.


After awhile, I was still fighting to stay awake out on the patio. David came out there with the main home phone in his hands. He brought it over to me, “Christy, phone is for you.”

I looked at him funny, “Me? Who is it?” I asked him.

“Some guy,” David said.

I glanced at Lynn while taking the phone from David. I slowly put the receiver up to my ear, “Hello?”

“Please don’t hang up,” came Dylan’s voice.

“I can’t talk to you,” I said low in the phone. David had run off not thinking anything of what I just said.

“I know……I just wanted to hear your voice and tell you I am so sorry,” Dylan said.

“Okay….you are sorry……I still can’t talk to you anymore. We need to say bye for good,” I told him.

“No, please don’t go away,” he pleaded.

“I can’t keep communicating with you,” I told him.

“Is your dad still there?”

“No, I need to go,” I tried telling him.

He started going into some explanation that didn’t make any sense to me.

In a moment, Pa Dan walked out there on the patio, furious, looking over at me and Lynn. I kind of gasped a little wondering what he was going to do. He marched over there where we were, “Give me that phone,” he demanded with fury in his tone.

I slowly handed it over to him while Dylan was still talking. Dan took the phone and put it up to his ear beginning to tell Dylan off as he walked on out in the yard to get out of our presence……probably so he could fuss Dylan out without us really hearing all he was saying to him.

We watched Pa Dan out in the yard looking so pissed as he continued to tell Dylan a few words or more. After a few minutes, we saw he had ended the call and was headed back up to where we were on the patio. He was angry.

“Do not answer any more calls… you understand me?” he went off, telling me.

“Yes sir,” I answered.

 He looked at me a moment, “You need to go inside and lay down,” he told me.

“I am okay out here,” I told him.

 “No, you are not. You looked like you are about to fall over. You need to go inside and lay down,” he ordered me.

Tears started filling my eyes, “I don’t want to lay down. I want to stay awake and visit with Lynn while I am still here for two days,” I pleaded with him.

“You are going to feel worse if you fight that drowsiness that is on you. Now, come on…….let’s go inside and take a nap,” he held out his hand to me.

I just stared at his hand.

“Come on, now,” he ordered.

“Did Scott tell you?” I asked him.

“He told me you were looking sleepy out here, and I came to check on you. Then David told me you were talking to some guy on the phone,” Pa Dan explained.

“I told Dylan I couldn’t talk to him,” I tried to tell him.

“I know you did. Come on,” he kept telling me, holding his hand out to me.

I was feeling really sleepy and drowsy, but I didn’t want to lay down and go to sleep. I would sleep a long time, I know.

“I don’t want to go inside and lay down,” I begged not taking his hand.

Pa Dan then reached in his pocket and pulled out his iPhone and started to call someone.

“Who are you calling?” I asked him in a panic.

“I am calling Mark,” he said.

I grabbed onto his arm then and pulled myself up off the swing, pleading him not to call Mark, “Pleassssseeee, don’t call him,……I’ll go inside and lay down,” I started to cry.

Pa Dan put his iPhone back in his pocket and held onto me to steady me. Lynn got on the other side of me and they both helped me inside the house. I was still crying. 

They led me back to Pa Dan and Lisa’s bedroom. When we reached the bedroom, I slowly climbed on the bed and laid down in a ball and buried my face in one of the pillows on the bed and cried for a few minutes. 

“You know you need to lay down and rest. You will feel better after you sleep,” Pa Dan told me, reaching down spreading a light blanket over me.

“I’ll lay with you,” Lynn said, climbing on the bed beside me.

“You girls will still have time to spend together…..just do what your body is telling you right now and that is to rest and sleep,” Pa Dan explained.

I had quieten down. I laid there with my face still in the pillow not saying a word. I was really tried and sleepy. I just closed my eyes and just forgot everything around me and dropped off to sleep.

“Christy, did you hear me?” Pa Dan asked me. After my silence he said, “See, she has already fallen asleep.” 

“Yeah,” Lynn.

“You don’t have to lay in here if you are not tired,” he told Lynn.

“Oh, I’ll take a nap too. I probably could go to sleep,” Lynn whispered.

“Okay then, but you don’t have to,” Pa Dan told Lynn as he walked out of the room.

Lynn laid there with me that afternoon. She dropped off to sleep too.


David had come in the bedroom and climbed up on the bed between Lynn and me. Lynn woke up from his movement on the bed. He looked over at her.

“Hey,” Lynn said to him.

“Hey,” he whispered.

Then he looked disappointed at Lynn as he laid down and looked toward her. 

“Something wrong?” she asked him.

“Is Christy going to sleep all day?” he asked.

“That medicine she took really makes her sleepy. Maybe tomorrow she will be herself again and be awake,” Lynn explained to him.

David then rolled over toward me and wrapped his arm across me and just stayed there. He closed his eyes. 

Lynn and David laid there silent and didn’t say anything. 

Lynn slipped off of the bed to go to the bathroom. She walked out of the master bedroom and went down the hallway to the bathroom. When she had returned to the doorway of the master bedroom, she heard Dan and Lisa talking in the kitchen. She just walked near and tried to hear what was being said.

This is the conversation she picked up:

“I believe she has become more scared of what Mark will do than she is of what I will do. She used to be on the verge of tears when I got on her, but the moment I said I was going to call Mark, she jumped up in a panic starting to cry,” Dan was telling Lisa.

“She has been with him a year and knows he isn’t taking much of her antics. He has put his foot down many times over her misbehavior,” Lisa said.

“Probably so. It’s just funny that she don’t flinch as much as she used to when I get on her case,” Dan said.

“Mark has really become overprotective over her within the last year……which is good until she reaches 18 or is it 21 now?” Lisa continued to say.

“I don’t blame him with that jerk Dylan trying to get near her. There is no telling what he is capable of. I don’t even want to think about it,” Dan said.

“I know. He is just too much,” Lisa commented.

Lynn slipped back down the hall and into the master bedroom. She climbed back in the bed next to David who was in the middle. She noticed that David had fallen to sleep. She smiled thinking it was sweet. He still had his arm across me. I was still zombie out, asleep.

After a few minutes, Lisa walked in the master bedroom. Lynn looked up at her. Lisa smiled, “We have two nappers,” she said in a whisper to Lynn.

“Yes ma’am,” Lynn replied.

Lisa walked over closer to Lynn’s side. 

“I don’t know how Christy made it on the road with having to take that medicine. I know it must had been rough,” Lynn whispered to Lisa.

“I know what you mean. I am sure it was rough. It really knocks her out. I really wish she would agree to go to a gynecologist. She might could be put on something else that doesn’t knock her out like that,” Lisa whisper low to Lynn.

While they were whispering low, I stirred a little on the other side of the bed. David moved a little after I did. David had rolled over on his other side facing Lynn….removing his arm off me. He was still asleep. Lynn and Lisa looked over at both of us.  

I had turned onto my back and stretched out my legs down toward the foot of the bed………stretching out while I moved positions. I slowly opened my eyes and blinked a few times before focusing my eyes on where I was. I moaned a little and looked over at Lisa and Lynn. I noticed David was in the middle of the bed beside me, asleep.

“What….time is it?” I asked, my voice so groggy sounding.

“It’s going on 8:00pm,” Lisa said.

“How long have I been sleeping?” I asked.

“About 3 hours,” Lisa replied.

“I knew I would sleep a long time,” I complained.

“That’s not long. Are you still sleepy?” Lisa asked.

“A little,” I replied.

“Are you girls hungry?”

“Some,” I said.

“There is some baked spaghetti in the kitchen,” Lisa said.

“That sounds good,” Lynn said.

I yawned and stretched again, slowly getting up in a sitting position on the bed. 

“Do you need some assistance?” Lisa asked.

“I am going to try and walk myself,” I said, putting my feet down to the floor. I slowly slipped off the bed and stood there a moment. My legs were still feeling like jello. I swear! I wish this stuff would go away!!

I held onto the bed as I walked along side it to the foot. Lisa and Lynn were watching me. 

I stood there at the foot of the bed looking over at them with a smirk on my face.

“Do you need any help?” Lisa asked with her eyebrows raised.

“I’ll make it. You two can go ahead,” I tried to tell them to go on ahead of me because they kept staring at me making me feel more uneasy.

“Are you sure?” Lisa asked.

“Yes,” I said.

Lisa walked on out ahead of Lynn. Lynn looked back at me. I gesture for her to go on. Lynn walked on out behind Lisa. 

After they were out of the door, I slowly took a step from the bed toward the door. It was hard. My legs were still weak. I kept trying to walk. I took a step with my other foot and had to stop a moment. I then took another step with the other foot. I had to keep repeating this until I made it to the door where I could hold on to it. I stood there a moment. Lisa and Lynn were out in the hall looking back at me. I was standing there holding onto the door. 

“I am coming. Just go on,” I told them.

They turned and walked on down the hall to the den.

David had woken up because I heard him get up off the bed. He went pass me going to the bathroom.

I continued on out into the hall taking very small steps holding on to the wall along my way to the den. When I reached the den, Pa Dan was sitting in one of the recliners. He looked over toward me when I surfaced in the den. He didn’t say anything at that moment. He just watched me as I tried to make my way across the room to the kitchen. 

Lynn and Lisa were in the kitchen getting our plates ready. 

I continued to slowly make small steps toward the kitchen and made it there to the doorway. I rested there by the doorway a moment. 

“Do you want help now?” Lisa wouldn’t give up asking me.

“I’ll make it,” I told her in a low voice.

“Okay,” Lisa said continuing her task in the kitchen.

Lynn was sitting at the table waiting for me.

I started again slowly taking a few steps toward the kitchen table. I didn’t think I was going to make it to that chair, but I finally did. I sat down in it with a huge sigh. Lisa and Lynn both looked at me, “Are you all right?” Lisa asked.

“Yes, it just took me time,” I said, kind of out a breath some.

Pa Dan walked into the kitchen. He took a seat next to me, “Don’t you need to let Lisa carry you to the doctor to get you something that will knock that leg weakness out?”

I looked at him in a panic, “No! I am taking something for it.”

“I know, but maybe the doctor can give you something that will better help you,” he replied.

“No, I don’t want to go to a doctor,” I said determined I won’t going to a doctor. “It will fade away overnight. My leg strength will come.”

“Tell me, what did you do when you were on the road with Mark when this situation hit you?” he asked me. I couldn’t believe he asked me.

“They toted me around if we had to keep going…….if we were at a hotel or in the bus, I laid down,” I told him. “Mostly I was carried on Ponsi’ back. He was always giving me a piggy back.”

“How about when they had to do the show?” Pa Dan asked.

“I would sat with Andy or one of the crew members. Rebecca Fink and Rebecca Pontius were with me at times.”

“Did they ever wait for you when you wanted to try and walk like you just did from the bedroom?” he asked.

“No, they never had time to let me walk on my own once they knew I was still weak in my legs,” I said.

“Did you try?” Pa Dan asked.

“Yes, I did,” I told him.

“Did you get upset with them when they wouldn’t let you try to walk on your own?” he asked.

“Yes, I did,” I said.

“How did they handle that?”

“They ignored me,” I told him.

Pa Dan just smiled at me.

“Why you ask?” I asked him.

“I just wondered,” he said.

Scott came in there about that time, “What did you do when they ignored you?” Scott asked me jumping into the conversation.

I looked at him, “There wasn’t anything I could do but lay there with my head on whoever’s shoulder.”

Lisa had put some baked Spaghetti on our plates. Pa Dan got up from the table and kept looking at me as he got up. I wondered why?

He then said, “In the morning, if you have that same hard time walking, I will get Lisa to carry you to the doctor,” he said in a determined tone. 

I stared at him as he walked out of the kitchen then I looked over at Lisa, “I don’t want to go to a doctor,” I told her almost in a panic.

Lisa looked at me, “Okay, don’t worry about it. He’s just trying to help,” she said with a smile on her face. I won’t in the smiling mood though. I didn’t smile back at her. She walked over to the counter and started doing some things. 

Lynn was looking at me with a concerned look on her face as if she was almost panicking with me. I reached up and grabbed my iPhone that was in the center of the table where I had left it. I began to text Mark.


Lynn saw what I had typed in and sent to Mark. I waited there patiently for his reply. He hadn’t responded yet. I started taking a few bites of my spaghetti. Lynn and I both watched my iPhone. It seem like it was taking Mark a long time to respond. I hope he was where he could have his phone on.

Then in 5 minutes my iPhone buzzed. I grabbed it. Lisa looked over at me. I smiled at her before I even looked at my text. 

“You get a message?” Lisa asked me.

She didn’t know I had text Mark, so she had no idea it would be Mark. She probably thought it was Dylan.

“Yes. It’s from Mark though,” I said quickly.

“How do you know?’ she asked.

“Because I text him,” I told her and looked at my text. It was Mark’s reply.

MARK: Who is making you go to the doctor?


MARK: Now?

CHRISTY: No. He said if I was weak in my legs in the morning he was going to get Nana Lisa to carry me. Please tell them this fades away overnight!

I waited a few minutes before Mark replied.

MARK: Then if you know it will fade overnight then you don’t have anything to worry about. Wait until the morning.

I rolled my eyes knowing he was being a smart ass with this text.

CHRISTY: PLEEEEASEEE tell him it will fade!

MARK: You have already told him. I don’t have to tell him.

I was getting frustrated.


MARK:  Did he say he didn’t believe you?


MARK: Then don’t worry about it.

CHRISTY: I don’t want to go to the doctor!

MARK: No one is making you go to the doctor. Stop worrying about it!

Lisa walked over there to the table where we were, “You look upset…..what is the conversation about between you and Mark?’ she asked.

I showed her the text messages between me and Mark.

She read the text messages then she looked at me, “He’s right. Stop worrying about it. No one is making you go to the doctor.”

I let out a sob that I had been holding back. Lisa put her hand on my back, “Shhhh, please don’t get upset over this,” she began to say. “Are you scared that your legs will be weak in the morning?” 

I shook my head yes.

“Listen, I am not going to make you go to the doctor if your legs are still weak in the morning. Okay?” Nana Lisa told me.

I shook my head yes because I couldn’t talk without starting to bawl.

“Now just calm down so you can finish your spaghetti,” Lisa said.

I dried up my tears and began to calm some. I took a few bites of my spaghetti.

As Lynn and I tried to finish our supper, my iPhone buzzed. I looked to see what Mark text.

MARK: Are you okay?


MARK: Are you still worried?

CHRISTY: Nana Lisa said she won’t making me go to the doctor.

MARK: See… stop worrying about it then.


MARK: Have a goodnight and get your rest. That’s what helps best. :)

When I read that I thought about where I tried to fight my tiredness earlier. I gave in though when Pa Dan threaten me that he would call Mark if I didn’t lay down and go to sleep. What he don’t know won’t hurt him. I know it was after 8:00pm and bedtime was approaching. I didn’t want to go back to bed, but I know it was going to hit me again….the tiredness from this medicine wearing off out of my system. I was already drowsy some just sitting here trying to eat at the kitchen table.

CHRISTY: Goodnight :)

I sent that last text to Mark.

Lynn and I finished our supper. Lynn collected our plates and put them away for us. I still sat at the table dreading to get up.

“Do you need help going up to your room?” Lisa asked me.

“Can we just crash in the den tonight? Please?” I pleaded with Nana Lisa.

“You would rest better in your bed,” she said. She waited there looking at me a moment, “I know… don’t want to climb those stairs. Tonight, you can stay in the den, but if you need me, you call for me,” she continued.

“Okay,” I smiled.

Lynn laughed, “Thanks Ms. Lisa.”

Maggie was gone with her folks while Lynn was staying there for the next two days if anyone wondered where Maggie got to.

Lisa and Scott went upstairs to collect some blankets for us. Lynn was going to make a pallet on the floor next to the couch. I was ordered to take the couch because it was softer than the floor with my situation going on.

Lynn helped me up from the kitchen table and guided me into the den. We both sat down on the couch. My legs were still weak.

Lisa also brought down some extra night clothes for me and a pair of panties. “I know Mark would make you take a shower tonight, but since he isn’t here, I will not make you take one tonight, BUT in the morning, you will,” she ordered.

“Yes ma’am,” I said with a smile.

Lynn laughed.

“He would make me take one tonight,” I said. “I would, but I am too weak.”

Lynn did help me to the bathroom to use it and freshen up some before going to bed. I was going to save the clean night clothes for the morning when I took a shower. We probably wouldn’t be going anywhere.

Around 10:00pm, we were snuggled in the den wrapped in blankets watching TV. Scott and David joined us making pallets on the floor too. 

I was halfway drowsy and could barely keep my eyes open.

After awhile, I had turned over on my stomach under the covers. Usually I wouldn’t have cover on me, but I didn’t care tonight. I was so tried and sleepy. I hugged onto my pillow and faced toward the back of the couch. I closed my eyes that were almost shutting on their on and in no time I was fast asleep. No noise or anything woke me up.

Lisa came in there around 11:00pm to check on us. She asked the boys and Lynn was I asleep.

“I think she is,” Lynn said.

David looked over at me on the couch. He scooted across the floor over to where I was. 

“Don’t bother her,” Lisa told David.

“I’m not,” he whispered. He easily got up on his small feet and leaned over me peeking to take a look at my face. He had to moved a strand of hair out of my face so he could see my eyes. 

He easily moved back from over me and whispered to his mom, Lisa, “Her eyes are closed tight.”

“Then she must be asleep,” she smiled. “Just don’t be too loud and let her sleep,” she told them.

“She has slept a lot already,” Scott said.

“I know. She will be better tomorrow. She is sleeping that medicine out of her system.”

“Okay,” David said.

“Goodnight you guys,” Lisa walked out of the den and went to bed.

“Goodnight, mom,” David said.

David was sitting on the floor at the couch with his back leaning up against it. He turned his body where he was facing me some. Lynn and Scott were watching the movie that was playing on TV.

David looked over at me. My back was facing him. I hadn’t moved. 

David slowly slipped his hand under my cover where my midsection was located. He found the hem of my nightshirt. I still had on the flannel pj shorts on… I did have my butt covered with an extra garment besides only my panties. 

Once he had found the hem of my nightshirt, he slipped his cool hand underneath and placed it on my lower back. He kept it still for a few seconds not moving it. He then laid his head there next to my side on the couch. 

We were all tender-hearted loving children and have always been ones that were cuddling and wanting to be clingy. We all were….David, Scott and me……but tonight, I won’t up for tolerating it from David.

David then started slowly rubbing my back in the lower part.

I didn’t wake up yet. I had no idea he was rubbing my back. He kept on for a few minutes. 

In just a little time, I stirred a little under the covers…..almost squirming. I moaned a little. David heard me, but he kept rubbing my lower back and kept his head laying down on the side of me.

I was able to wake just a little to realize someone was rubbing my back. I was too tired and sleepy to even try to raise up and look, I whined out, “Stopppppp.”

David kept rubbing my back. He didn’t stop. He kept his head laying down on the couch next to my side. 

I was getting frustrated. I squirmed some more and whined out even louder, “Stoppppp rubbing myyyyy back!”

I think it finally snapped in whoever it was rubbing my back. The hand stopped and came off my back quickly.

Lynn and Scott had looked back at the couch and saw David was looking startled at them… he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“David, what are you doing?” Scott asked him.

“I was just rubbing her back to help her feel better,” he said almost in tears.

I spoked up in my pillow after he said that, “Please don’t rub my back.” I won’t mad sounding this time. I was just too tired to even look back at him.

“Don’t rub her back,” Scott told David.

“I heard her,” David fussed.

 I was quiet and didn’t say anything else. I closed my eyes back and was almost asleep when David spoke, “Mark rubbed your back the other night and you didn’t tell him to stop.”

“I felt awful the other night and didn’t mind anyone rubbing my back, but I don’t want anyone touching me now,” I said…..still facing the back of the couch.

“Do you feel awful tonight?” David asked me.

“Not like the other night. I am just extremely sleepy now. Please let me go back to sleep,” I said.

“David, leave her alone or I am going to go get mom,” Scott told him.

David got up from where he was next to the couch and moved over where he was before. He was mad. He jerked his cover and laid down and buried himself underneath.

I had quickly went back to sleep. Nothing else was said. David was quiet and stayed under his covers. 

During the night, around 4:00am (August 7, 2012 Tuesday), I had made some noises in my sleep like I usually do sometimes. Lynn had woken up since she was a light sleeper. She laid there on her pallet on the floor and listened to me. I would make a small noise once in a few seconds. 

Lynn had waited about 10 minutes and then she got up because I kept making those noises. She walked over to the couch where I was still laying on my stomach. I hadn’t moved my position at all.

She patted me on the shoulder lightly. I stirred a little and didn’t wake up. Lynn moved her hand a moment and waited there. I didn’t make another noise for awhile. She went back and laid down on her pallet. 

Pa Dan got up around 6:00am and made coffee. All of us were still asleep in the den. David had gone to sleep buried under his blanket. Pa Dan got his cup of coffee and walked in there where we were and sat back in one of the recliners. He had glanced around at all of us and saw we were all knocked out. I hadn’t moved from on my stomach. I stayed in the same position all night.

Around 6:30am, I stirred a little making a groan in my sleep. Pa Dan looked over at me. In just a few minutes, I started making those noises in my sleep again. Pa Dan just looked over at me and listened. I continued to make those noises.

“Christy,” he called my name.

I didn’t wake up.

“Christy,” he called me again.

I had stopped the noises for a brief moment and started back again.

“Christy,” Pa Dan called my name a little louder.

I finally stirred some, opened my eyes, raising up looking toward him.

Lynn had woken because she wakes up easy, and she heard Pa Dan calling me. She raised up and looked over at us.

“Are you all right?” Pa Dan asked me.

“Yes……………..why?” I said, sleepy.

“You were making noises in your sleep,” Pa Dan said.

I rolled over on my side, facing the room. I didn’t answer Pa Dan after he told me what I was doing. I knew I do that at times. Isom has told me I made some whiney noises in my sleep like I am in pain. Maybe Pa Dan thought I was in pain.

There was silence for a few minutes. Daylight was coming in some since it was breaking dawn. I just laid there looking off into the room.

“Are you in pain this morning?” Pa Dan asked me.

It took me a moment to answer him, “No……I am not in pain.”

“Have you gotten up during the night?”

I wondered what was he leading up to?

“I haven’t been up yet,” I answered.

Pa Dan didn’t say anything else and continued drinking his coffee in the quiet.

I just laid there not saying anything else. I was awake now. I don’t think I would go back to sleep.

Lisa had come in there around 7:00am. She said good morning to us….me, Lynn, and Pa Dan. The boys were still asleep. She had a cup of coffee in her hand and took a seat at the end of the couch down from me. She looked over at me, “How are you feeling this morning?”

“Better,” I said.

I raised on up and sit indian style in the middle of the couch. My knees were exposed around the cover that had been on me. I yawned.

“Did you sleep well?” Lisa asked.

“Yes ma’am,” I answered.

“Can you get up on your feet this morning?” she asked.

She just had to ask that one!!!!

“I don’t know?” I answered.

“Won’t you get up and see,” Pa Dan said.

I looked over at him with almost terror in my eyes. “Just please don’t make me go to the doctor if I can’t,” I begged.

“I told you last night no one was making you go to the doctor,” Lisa confirmed next to me.

“Mark should had made you go when you were back in Los Angeles after the tour,” Pa Dan said.

I shot him some glaring eyes.

“Okay….Dan, just let Mark deal with this matter. I told her last night we won’t make her go to the doctor. The situation makes her nervous,” she told Pa Dan.

“Okay,” he said throwing up his hands.

Lisa, Lynn and I smiled. I am glad he seems to understand. What a relief!!

Lisa stood up with her coffee cup in her hands and reached out her other hand for me to take it. “Come on, let’s see can you stand on your feet this morning,” she said.

I took her hand and was hesitant to attempt to get up, but I went ahead and untangled my legs and placed my feet on the floor. Lisa slowly helped me up off the couch in a standing position. I stood there a moment. Lisa waited, “How do they feel?” she asked.

I felt like I had my strength back in my legs some. I took a step, “I have better control of my legs. They are not as weak feeling as they were yesterday,” I said.

“Do they still feel weak any?” Pa Dan asked.

“A little, not much. I think I can walk though with better control. That’s how this stuff does me. I start getting my strength in my legs on the third day,” I explained.

Lisa pulled me along some, “Come on, let’s get them legs moving then,” she said.

I followed her on out of the den to the bathroom. I could walk better. Thank God for that!

I went on into the bathroom and took a shower as Lisa had ordered the night before. She had gone and got my clean change of clothes from the den. A clean nightshirt, panties and a pair of shorts.

It did make me feel better to take a shower. It was totally refreshing. After I got out of the shower, Lynn took her shower and dressed in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts.

Lisa had made us some breakfast. We sat down at the kitchen table and ate. David and Scott joined us. I noticed David hadn’t said anything to me, and he was giving me some mean eyes.

I kept looking over at him wondering what was his problem. When Lisa had walked out of the kitchen briefly, I asked him, “What is wrong with you? You act like you are mad at me.”

“I am,” he answered.

“Why?” I asked.

“Don’t you remember?”

“No…..sorry, I don’t,” I told him.

“I tried to snuggle up to you last night and rub your back and you snapped at me,” David explained.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t remember that,” I said.

“You snapped at me to stop rubbing your back. You said you didn’t want to be touched last night,” David said.

“I was really tired. I don’t remember you doing that, and I don’t remember snapping at you. I am sorry if I did snap at you,” I said.

David seem not to be convinced. 

“I said I was sorry…..really, I don’t remember it, David,” I tried to tell him.

“I have already told Mark,” he said.

Scott glared at David, “What?”

“Told him what?’ I asked.

“That you snapped at me,” he told me and Scott, who was looking at him like he could go through him.

“What did he say?” I asked him.

“I text it to him on Dad’s phone. He hasn’t responded yet,” David said.

“Did you let him know what happened?” Scott asked him.

“No, just that she snapped at me last night,” David said.

“You need to tell him what happened,” Scott said.

“I will later when he responds,” David snapped and jumped up, running out of the kitchen.

My eyes followed him out of the kitchen then I looked over at Scott and made a ‘whatever’ expression. We just let him go on. 

To be continued—————posted 12/10/12

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